6 Summer oysters served on ice with lemon and oyster bread



½ baby lobster with Herb cream and a sweet and sour vegetables


Cream of sweet potato with a sweet and sour of beets and goat cheese mousse 



Grilled Tuna with couscous, black olives, lime-mayonnaise and vongole


Home-smoked duck breast with a fresh summer salad and raspberry dressing


Carpaccio of Tiger tomato with slow cooked Irish beef, pesto, fennel and Parmesan cheese 





Creamy soup of summer peas and smoked eel 

  €  8,00

Fried duck liver with port sauce and red fruit


Baked sea bass fillet with Squid rings and anchoide


Main Course


Fried redfish fillet with lemon honey thyme sauce


Baby lobster with summer truffle, Gnocchi of opperdoes, summer peas and carrot coulis


Gnocchi of opperdoes with spinach, smoked cream fraiche and crispy Dim sum filled with 3 types of cheese


Guinea fowl with basmati rice langoustine and chardonnay sauce

Lam with grilled Eggplant, couscous and mint sauce   €22,50

Sirloin steak with pepper muslin and red wine sauce





Brullee of Coconut cream with coconut ice cream

  € 8,00

Parfait of fresh mint and marinated Strawberry

  € 8,00

Parfait of fresh mint and marinated Strawberry

  € 8,00
Cheese platter from the cheese assortment of Tom Miesen served with nuts bread   € 9,00

Do you have an allergy please report it to us, so we can keep this in mind in the preparation of your dishes.

When you come to us with a company of 8 people or more , we do not serve dinner a'la carte.       
In addition, than we propose  a nice menu for you.

Menu of the Chef

3-course menu € 30,50 p.p.       
4-course menu € 40,50 p.p.

The menu of the Chef we serve by table.

For a good flavor combination you can also enjoy our wine arrangement.

3-course wine arrangement € 18,50 p.p.       
4-course wine arrangement € 24,50 p.p.

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